imagine if an ice cream and a snow cone had a baby...

Snowbaby’s desserts are thinly shaved ice sheets, layered like the airy texture of freshly fallen snow. The “snow” is topped with fresh fruits & treats, then drizzled with sweetened condensed milk. It’s creamy and delectable like an ice cream, but doesn’t feel as heavy and filling.


a dessert you don't feel guilty about...

At Snowbaby we wanted a dessert that we could feed our kids without being grossed out. We stay far away from high fructose gummies, artificial colors and sugar additives. Instead, we use toppings like organic berries, dark chocolate, coconut shavings and organic cake crumbles.  Our menu options are both gluten-free friendly AND satisfying for any sweet tooth. 


taste the next dessert craze...

If you’ve never tried creamy shaved ice before, you are in for a serious treat. Shaved ice is already hugely popular all over Asia and Hawaii, but somehow!? Dallas is missing out. Many shops that US cities have use artificial flavorings and coloring, as well as milk powders. But what makes Snowbaby especially delicious is its commitment to using the freshest ingredients. 


and share our love of food.

At Snowbaby there is nothing we love more than food. (Maybe our kids!) Growing up we had so many wonderful memories of cooking and eating meals with family and friends. Whether it was a pot roast on a cold, winter day or a summer pot luck at the local church, food brings happiness and people together.  

We take pride in being deliciously unique and healthy

Snowbaby's creamy shaved ice uses fresh and certified organic ingredients, as possible, that are either locally sourced and in season. We only use pure cane sugar and condensed milk as sweetener, and we never-ever use artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives. Another benefit of this treat? Creamy shaved ice is naturally gluten free and easily customizable with our selection of toppings.