How to order - as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1. Choose your serving size

Step 2. Choose your Snowbaby flavor

Step 3. Choose your topping(s)


Year-round Flavors

made with ground strawberries

Vanilla Bean
made with real seeds from the vanilla pod

made with 100% cocao powder and semi-sweet chocolate

made with fresh coconut milk

Coffee Bean
made with locally sourced coffee beans

Peanut Butter
made with organic creamy peanut butter


...Or experience our recommended combinations

“I love knowing that all of the ingredients are fresh and healthy in addition to being delicious. My son has a gluten allergy and I am always looking for gluten free options for him and this fits the bill.


“If I wasn't so busy trying to keep my kids from eating it, I would have gone for my 8th serving!" 


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