Spanish House Spring Carnival


Snowbaby debuted at the Spanish House Spring Carnival 2016 this weekend from 3-5 PM CST at the Skillman location near Lakewood!

Snowbaby is a new business coming to Lakewood in 2017. Their featured offering will be the next hot trend in frozen treats! Some call it Snow Cream, Shaved Snow, Flavored Ice, Frozen Cotton Candy, Snow Ice…it’s creamy shaved ice and it’s freakin’ delicious! Snowbaby is inspired by the Taiwanese dessert, xue hua bing (雪花冰), which literally translates to “snow flower” (a.k.a. snowflake) ice. What makes this version unique is that it is made from fresh ingredients with no artificial flavoring or coloring and you can taste the pure freshness of each ingredient. Most places that sell this treat use powders with artificial flavoring and coloring…yuck!

When approached by Spanish House to host a booth at this year’s Spring Carnival, the creator jumped at the opportunity. Not only is it to support a fantastic community school and add to the food options for the carnival, but it is a great setting to present Snowbaby as a new business and witness the market reaction to this new frozen treat.

Soon, everyone can try Snowbaby’s creamy shaved ice! At the carnival, they featured strawberry, vanilla bean, and chocolate flavors with a side of fresh strawberries, drizzled with organic condensed milk!

For updates on Snowbaby, like our Facebook page and check us out on Twitter and Instagram. We are also open to catering events in the Lakewood.

We look forward to seeing you soon!